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Creating and maintaining a website does not have to be difficult or expensive. "Ahhh... our site is out of date, I need to call the web guy" sounds familiar, but it does not have to be that way.

At V-Studio we not only design and create a website for our customers. We give customers easy to use tools to maintain their websites themselves. As a result, our customers do not need a "web guy" and they do not need a budget for website updates.

Different customers have different requirements for the web tools they use. For instance, some only need to change the news column once in a while, while others might need their delivery cost to be automatically updated as the gas prices change.

When we call it "custom" we mean no limitations on design or functionality. We do not take a third party software and tune it to meet our customers' needs, we develop the software that performs a required task in the most efficient way.

Our software is:

  • faster
  • more lightweight
  • more efficient
  • more reliable
  • more flexible
  • more secure
It takes less resources from the hardware, and therefore reduces the energy consumption. This is our "software way" to go green.

Japanese Hats Store (JP Shack)
2010 Marin Designers Showcase

This video is available in the full size DVD format.

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Not sure which equipment or software to use, or need help to setup a network or choose a service provider? We will help to find an optimal solution to a given problem.

Application Development

We will create a custom solution to given specifications.

Networking applications
Web applications
Stand-alone applications
Database based applications
Embedded applications (including hardware design and prorotyping)

Graphics Design

2D and 3D graphics design
Web site design
2D and 3D animation design
Image processing


Video editing
Audio editing and mastering
Video and audio streaming / broadcasting
Interactive web graphics (flash, scripting)

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A bundle of web applications
Unlimited storage space
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