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Project Examples

V-Studio designs and creates custom web applications in a wide range of complexity. Past projects include:

Custom blog application.
The contents of the blog are formatted and filtered in a certain way.

Custom shopping cart.
Completely integrated with the client's web site and tailored to a specific product category. Database driven inventory can be easily managed by a not necessarily computer-savvy operator. Functionality included monitoring customer's interest in products, setting rarely sold products on sale in just a couple of mouse clicks, waving shipping costs, etc.

Real time report generator.
Similar to a search engine, this application visits a list of websites, collects certain type of data and generates a financial report with quotations and links that is used for stock trading. Instead of caching and re-using the data, the application collects fresh data upon request.

Process control system.
A web-based user interface which is connected with the electronic circuits (also created by V-Studio) that control a production line and security system. The back-end software included programs that control machines for efficient accurate positioning, optimum paths and cutting parameters.

Custom control wireless network.
A proprietary wireless mesh network protocol was designed, which supports dynamic scaling of the network, automatically assigning roles to new devices and adjusting for optimal routing. Wireless network nodes (also designed by V-Studio) include miniature sensors, controllers and data processing nodes.

Custom Internet servers.
Built by V-Studio these servers are used as personal or corporate servers for hosting applications, data storages, web sites and databases.

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